studio time has been a little crazy and sporadic lately.  I've begun working on more  and larger blue and white serving pieces for the holidays, and my household is in a state of transition with pets, guests, family coming and going.  It has been a busy start to fall. 

Here are several pieces I've been working on over the last month:

all of my work recently is about adapting familiar, much-loved motifs from my collection of vintage china, japanese fabrics, old floral illustrations, and images in my sketchbooks and applying them to my work.  I have recently switched claybodies to a fairly forgiving porcelain that's much whiter than my old vanilla stoneware.  This bowl, which I hand-painted with a tiny brush and a cobalt oxide solution, was my first test of hand painted designs on my pots.  I've done inlay, stamps, straight dipping, but never painting on my pots before.  I was really thrilled with how this turned out and have a cake plate and large serving bowl waiting in the wings.

Here is the traditional-formed teapot I made for a wedding gift.  As soon as I finish the rest of the gift, it's going in the mail.  I was really pleased with how this turned out.

and my pitcher-spout teapot.  I really prefer this style for my own use. 

This serving piece is the first of a series.  I love all the different flowers from my vintage pieces, and the little wren. I borrowed the shape from a small salad plate I bought from an elderly friend's estate (she had a massive sale when she downsized, and I think she was happy that I could use some of her collection to inspire my own work)

This salad/luncheon plate borrows imagery from my newest pieces, the Singapore Bird pattern. Overall, that ware is so busy that I wouldn't use it (though I do love the single piece that I made a straight copy of), but I do like the floral motifs on their own.  It feels like it's leaving late Victorian flourishes and moving into Art Deco's simplicity. 

There are more contemporary pieces coming, and I'm excited to share it all with you soon.

Have a good week, friends.