a small series of disasters-

since I've been back home, my studio time has seemed like a small series of disasters.  large disasters- a tray full of bisqued and waxed pottery, ready to glaze, went crashing to the floor two weeks ago.  Last week, I managed to do a glaze firing, but because the weather's been so wet, the glaze didn't stick properly and needs to be reglazed and fired.  The large kiln and the AC can't run at the same time, and the small kiln needs new elements.  I've dropped pieces and smashed them, trimmed through them.  I've resprained my ankle and have to take a break from running, which really helped me push through pottery stress.  In short, I think clay and I need a break. 

I have almost finished everything on my order list, as well as the pieces that I had to re-make from my trunk show (everything that broke was from the trunk show.  oh, what a bad day that was!) and I'm looking forward to taking the month of July off from making and glazing and firing.  Planning some sketchbook time, some sewing machine time, some pool time, and perhaps time to open the long-promised storefront here.  A real summer break.

There are some pieces that I've made that I'm excited about, and I hope to show them to you soon.  For now, wish me luck as I finish my obligations and recharge.  I'm ready to be excited about working again.