This week has been all about bowls for me.  Most people probably picture bowls when they think about making pottery on the wheel, but my wheel time is usually spent on cups and lidded vessels more than open forms. This week I've pushed to meet a last-minute order I'll talk about in a few weeks, but I threw 40 bowls in 24 hours, which might be a record for me.  Last night I trimmed half of them, and I'll finish the trimming and decorating today so that I can get them to my client early next week.  It's been a real race!  I also delivered a set of a dozen breakfast bowls for a friend and long-time client, but there's a new bowl that I'd like to introduce today.

In February, I made my first set of ramen bowls for a friend who had recently married her partner of many years.  Ted and Lynsey are big foodies who often work from home.  When they requested these oversized soup bowls for their lunches I knew they'd translate well in blue and white.  I loved making them and plan to add them to my regular roster.

I've kept mine filled with hearty chopped vegetable salads and cold soba for lunches lately.  At nearly 7" wide, they make a great one-bowl lunch container to bring up to the studio and eat while I take care of paperwork and emails.  The top bowl with the ticking spiral is my favorite, and the bottom bowl, while cracked, is probably the one I use most often.  I plan to have these available for purchase and made-to-order basis in June.

Next Sunday, two of these ramen bowls will join the table at the Memphis Empty Bowls event.  I have a porcelain bowl decorated with cobalt zinnias- I love how tactile that underglaze transfer process is, and the dotted circle bowl in the middle of this photo will also be in the mix. Tickets to the event are $25, and they usually sell out before they day of the event (Sunday, May 18).  I'll be out of town for this year's event, but it's worth attending for the foodie (so many top restaurants participate) , the ceramics (and wood turned bowls, too!) collector, and most importantly, because it provides funds for local food banks.