Over the past month I've been working on getting ready for my trunk show at Knit1 in Oxford, Mississippi.  It's a sweet shop on the Square that I've enjoyed visiting and knitting at over the past few years.  I'm really tickled to be there, next Saturday, April 12.

I'll have a full range of work there- blue and white, speckled, yarn bowls and teapots- all available to order- and buttons for sale.  I've been working especially hard on my plates and throwing larger teapots.  I pulled a 24 oz pot out of the kiln on Tuesday. SO HAPPY (little hands have a hard time throwing big pieces, you know)!

I'm also excited that my friend Kim will have some of her luscious handspun art yarns, all ready to go.

Earlier this week I took the plunge into glaze making.  It was something that had always intimidated me, but my friend Brit held my hand, sent me recipes, and came over last Sunday afternoon and we mixed up two basic batches.  I tested them on a set of egg cups that I made for a sweet mother's day collaboration with my friend Renee Garner. I really love her illustrations and designs and can't wait to see her newest cards in person!  She'll have some of our collaboration in her shop, and I'll have some in mine.  I hope to have them ready for y'all to see next week!


Spring is in full swing in Memphis.  The weather is just lovely and I hope that it's warming up where you are, too.  Have a nice weekend, friends!