april is winding down

Last week, it seems, was over in a flash.  I worked a bit, did some glazing and firing and was really very excited to find that I may have a new white(r) clay body- an opaque porcelain that is nearer white and less speckle-y than the stoneware I've been using.  I threw a large bowl, a plate, a butter crock, and a cake plate (also a mug that I trimmed through the bottom of and didn't manage to test glaze) and they all came out so bright and white, and my glazes all fit them nicely (which is the reason I began searching for a new clay body two-plus years ago.  All of the aqua glazes and underglazes popped off of my old favorite clay).  I have three hundred pounds of my stoneware to use up before I can order this porcelain, but I'm really excited about having a bright white again.  Last week I also began building my storefront in this space.  I'll continue this week, and hope to have it open the first of May.  The way I'll do things is have my dinnerware- plates, cake plates, bowls, and anything custom made (in large quantities) over here, and keep smaller items- the occasional honey pot (see below), egg cups, and the like, over at my etsy shop.  I am so grateful to Etsy as a sales platform and to my customers who have followed me there- locally and around the country, that I hesitate to leave it, but I also want to have a home for my more time-intensive work.  We'll see how the transition goes, and I'll announce here when I'm ready to unveil.


All of the ladies in the Creative Collective: Memphis group (it's a small organization meant to mentor, support, and encourage women in creative micro-to-small businesses in the Memphis metro area) are really gearing up for our first (I hope annual) spring pop up.  Today I took a few pictures of new pieces I'll have ready for the May 3 event.  I really love the polka dots I started playing with when I took the Clayer e-course in February.  I'm making more of these this week because I'm afraid of running out before the event.  Also, I just might want to replace the honeypot I use (which has a big chip on the bottom, which is why I'm using it. ahem.  what do they say about the cobbler's children and shoes?) with a happy dotty version.

One last thing I'm incredibly excited about: I'm joining the ladies at Tend Collective this season.  It's a multi-author gardening journal that I've read for the past three years, filled with goodness from varying parts of the country.  East Coast, New England, Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and the South.  I'll be chiming in tomorrow, talking a little about my bee adventure, and specifically the adventurous bee week I had last week (sneak peek: there is no reason to be afraid of that large clump of bees hanging from the tree in your front yard)!  I am so flattered to be asked to join in, and I'm secretly hoping (or perhaps not so much secretly now) that I'll be inspired to spend a little more time tending my bit of Memphis because of my participation in this group. Please come and visit!