the weekend

I had a great showing over the weekend.  I learned so much about what I want for my business (and myself) as I pulled things together and as I did the event.

As I was making my line sheet, I was able to look at everything and pare down a bit.  I had 7 different styles of bowls- that was a little silly.  So we're down to cereal, ramen/noodle (more on that later this week), and serving bowls.  Maybe a ramekin.  But no more dipping bowls, soup plates, slightly-bigger-than-x bowls.  Silliness.  But the line sheet was such a good thing for organizing my work in my own head.  Even if I'd not sold a thing, having a list with styles and prices will help me so much, especially in terms of getting work listed in a storefront on this site.

I'm also paring down my colors.  With a few exceptions, my glazes are clear, white, cobalt, and aqua.  No more misbehaving, tricky glazes.  Those buckets will be left to dry out and go to the hazardous waste facility.  Or I'll fire them in broken bisque pieces and then pitch those pieces.  It felt good to say "I'm sorry, I don't have a good green" because my green can't behave itself so I'm not going to mess around with it anymore.  It was so freeing!  I love the process of letting go and simplifying.  It can be hard, but so rewarding.


I allowed myself a treat at Knit 1- a skein of luscious madelinetosh sock yarn in a colorway called mansfield garden party, which coordinates so perfectly prettily with my friend Debi's design for the next event I'm working towards, a spring pop-up shop in the courtyard at Sew Memphis on May 3.  Today I'm doing some planning for it, maybe a little throwing for it (and a little throwing for the orders I took this weekend!) and finishing up some egg cups for another collaboration I'll have listed here very soon.  And I'll play with the yarn a little, too.  I love a happy springy sock!

This Monday is so full of possibility.  Hoping we all use it well.  Have a nice week, friends, and I'll see you soon.