this week

was a snow week.  The first day was fun. The second day was ok.  The third day, oh MERCY!!  But the kids loved it, the teachers, I think, were grateful for a break, and I got absolutely nothing done.  Well, not true.  I finished my class project, trimmed and decorated some work, and glazed and fired the kiln overnight, and made plans (including finally opening a shop on this platform).  This coming week is our spring break, so I won't be back working until Thursday at the earliest, but I'll have my sketchbook and camera with me while we're galavanting through the back roads of the lower Mississippi delta (do I know how to have fun or what?)

First - a few pieces I finished up this week, inspired by the work I've made for my class:


in cream on aqua and red on cream, plus some faux bois carved into the top of three butter crocks.  Several local friends have asked me for butter crocks in the past month or so, and I just couldn't help but decorate them with the dotty stencils I used on my class piece.  There are more butter crocks coming- they're on my march to-make list!

And here's a sneak peek of the yet-unfired piece.  You'll have to use your imagination here:


What is the orange?  Dots underneath, scallops echoing the scalloped slab join barely visible on the inside of the piece.  I'll finish this (firing and glazing) once we're back next week and show you the final project (that may not be next week, but the week after).  But the lady-like scallops and dots echoing the hobnail pattern on the bottom have me thinking about dotted swiss dresses and tea parties and cake plates and fancy little sets of pretty vintage-inspired dishes.   Perhaps I need to host a spring tea party? 

Have a lovely weekend, friends.