another love story

Every so often I get a client request that I just can't refuse.  In 2013, it was a special berry bowl.  In 2014, a simple cup that I've been waiting with baited breath to reveal, and now I can.

There is a young woman that I know- she is independent, lively, full of spunk and joy and every good thing.  She approached me after Christmas and asked me to make something special for her.  She and her intended, a lovely fellow, had a special coffee ritual that she wanted to, well, enhance.  I instantly agreed to her idea- a simple, special cup, with a surprise request in the bottom of the cup.  I asked her to write her proposal on a piece of paper, small enough to fit inside the cup, so that I could trace her handwriting (that part of it was important to me, that it be her unique script, not mine) into the damp clay before I began the inlay and glazing process.

I was tickled with how it turned out.  She was tickled. 

One morning,  she brought him coffee.  He said Yes. 

Best wishes for a happy future, you two!


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