march 20

It's spring!  I know that so many of my friends are still deep in snow, but the weather is happily, mercifully warm and sunny in Memphis.  I'm grateful, because the sunshine helps me feel better after I was knocked down this week by a wicked virus.  All of the pots I glazed Monday sat beside the kiln, unloaded, waiting for me to crawl out of the house and load them.  Today, that happened.  I can't wait to see how some new pieces turn out- those big faux bois tumblers and some larger bowls, my piece from the clayer e-course (there's another, did you know?), and the first of my butter crocks.  There are still a dozen pieces that I didn't glaze, but I will get them in the next week or so.


Next week I'm looking forward to working on custom order pieces that came in while I was away on break, and also gearing up for my trunk show at Knit1 in Oxford.  I'm bringing a full range of work- from yarn-oriented pieces (buttons and yarn bowls) to teapots, cups, canisters, cake plates, and serving pieces made to order and delivered back to the store.  I'm looking forward to this little showing- I have a friend who spins beautiful art yarns coming with me, and April is such a lovely time in Oxford!  If you're in the region, I'd love to see you there!

Until next time- I hope y'all have a sunny weekend.