spring break/reboot

Last week felt like it lasted for several weeks instead of just one.  We cleaned up over the weekend- I love coming home to a clean, welcoming house- dropped the dog off with my mother, and headed out of town for a few days.  We were almost completely out of touch- no cell signal, no internet access.  Just a couple of boys, good friends, good food, 500 acres over which to roam, and my sketchbook!  It was heavenly.  It was made even better when we found out that Gary had been offered a job when we had no internet access (well, you *could* get a cell signal if you stood in the right place and held your phone over your head, but that's not my cup of tea) and we needed to head home so that he could get ready to work. So, inspired and ready to work (the adults were, anyway), we came home to prepare.

Over the weekend there was much celebration of the new job and my last 30th birthday, family dinners and more country rambles to close out our break.  As you can see above, I've been collecting feathers this year- as a symbol of hope, beauty, and things possible.  To the left is a bright bright bluebird feather I picked up on Saturday.  I was so tickled to find it atop a patch of clover- just waiting for me, a gift from nature atop all of the other goodness that came to my family last week.

Our break was definitely a reboot.  I have big plans for springy pottery (including speckled egg pieces like the vase above), a huge box of glaze chemicals in my living room ready to mix into new customized glazes, and an extremely full kiln of bisqued pottery waiting to be glazed.  I'm looking forward to spring's unfurling- in the garden, in the studio, and for my family.  See you soon, friends!