I have been making and thinking about tumblers for years.  I have my basic tumbler shape down pat, but size has always been a limitation for me.  I have small hands and it is very difficult for me to throw anything taller than 4.5" without it also being quite wide.   I've also had a few clients and friends ask about cups and tumblers in finishes that I only use for handbuilt items (like the faux bois), but I haven't been happy with my handbuilt tumblers.  Because I've been working with templates and molds in Diana Fayt's Clayer e-course over the past several weeks, I've been thinking about readily available items that might help expand my making.  Yesterday I had a bit of a eureka moment: the ubiquitous paper coffee cup is what I've been looking for: taller, narrow base, fits in a car's cup holder, lots of room for surface decoration, and so readily available.  So, coffee cup obtained from my favorite local coffee shop, I carefully cut it apart and used it as a template on a faux bois slab I'd prepared


My next step will be to make a plaster mold to fit the cut pieces around to keep the shape straighter (I think), and perhaps to go down a size (these look just huge to me, but I have had customers ask for 20+ oz cups), but I'm pleased with this first effort.

Who knew the simple paper cup was the answer I've been looking for?