A four-day week is always a stretch; there's payment for the extra day off.  My mind's been working overtime but my actual time hasn't quite stretched to meet all of my expectations.  I checked on my bees to see how much honey they had left (we have at least another month and a half of cold-to-no floral feeding opportunities) and the hive was so full of bees and honey that there was no room for the feeder I'd filled for them.  That's a good thing- thye do better on their own honey than sugar-water.  And there's been shipping, plus an initial planning meeting for a mother's day popup, and I revisited a glaze that I haven't used in a few years to try to troubleshoot it for the future.  And there was a strawberry-rhubarb pie, made rather late in the night because my day ended before my ambition did.  Regardless, today is a day of finishing work that I started earlier this week, straightening the studio, and making both space for 400 lb of clay and my to-do list for next week. 

A few things from this week that I'm pleased with:


a lidded casserole!  I made one in January but fired it before I should have and blew the bottom out in the kiln.  I actually like this version better- the first was very straight-sided, but this one feels more comforting- because a casserole should be comforting, shouldn't it? 

Next up: more faux bois.  I have a client who requested dishes in this pattern, but she wants thrown pieces rather than molded, slab-built pieces.  Another friend made a similar request and I've been thinking on how to make what they want.  This week I threw an outsized cereal bowl to make a mold from, but I also made this:


thrown, carved.  A bit busier than the rest of the pieces, but I think it works.   I'm thinking through the tumbler still, but I have great hopes! 

Have a lovely weekend, friends. See you next week.