when tuesday is monday

today feels like a monday because we had a four day weekend- always lovely until you get back to reality and realize- OH!  There's much work to do.  I spent some time this morning doing a small glaze load- some promotional items for a private school in town, and a few pieces I'd like to ship to clients later this week.  Before I head back upstairs to throw, I'm making a big lunch.


I have always been something of a foodie- I started cooking for myself well before my teenaged years (not always successful- I once substituted cocoa powder for pudding in a cake.  I served it to my family.  They were not pleased)  When I taught on a contract basis- going into schools- I always brought interesting lunches because they were leftovers.  For some reason, I left off feeding myself well when I began working from home, oh, five years ago.  I'd reheat leftovers, but rarely until I was so famished because I'd forgotten to eat.  I'm trying to do better in that regard, so as I type I'm cooking some leeks and some quinoa.  After I finish loading the kiln, I'll slice up some yellow bell peppers and crumble some goat cheese to make a big pot of quinoa pilaf to eat this week.  A friend gave me a huge batch of basil early this fall, most of which I sliced and froze in a vacuum seal bag.  I'll add some of that.


Later this week I'm heading to Nashville to get more clay.  I have one box left from the batch I picked up in November, and a few bags of reclaimed clay.  Much work to do!  Have a lovely week, friends.