expectations: detatchment

I have really ridiculous expectations of myself, and the universe has a way of teaching me detatchment.  This seems to come both through the failings of my body and often in my work.  Bodily, I caught a virus at the end of September and have never fully gotten over it, ending up with bronchitis.  This has meant that I've pulled out of two shows, one in October and one scheduled for this weekend.  Work-wise, there's been a lot of glaze failure (but also two new glazes, out of five tested to add to my stable), breakage, and surprises. 

There was so much of this from too damp/too thick glazing in my last load.  Lesson: slow down.  Most of it can be reglazed.  The rest is just practice.

Grateful for this: that which worked just right, and that there was plenty of it.

Several imperfect smudgy pleasant surprises

long-overdue client work (Annie, I will finish with your order this calendar year!!)

And something for me: this poor little dessert plate was full of smudgy - and invisible- fingerprints until it came out of the glaze kiln.  I'll refire it with this visible reminder to accept what comes and give myself a little grace.  This is not a race.  Everything doesn't have to work the first time around.  Slow down. 

Next Friday, Nov 21,  is my annual pre-holiday sale.  Friday evening, Saturday day.  If you're local, please come by and say hello.