Oxford Fiber Festival (and those other teapots)

I'm just tickled to share the things I've made for the Oxford Fiber Festival with you.  First, the sweetest Valentine's cup and cozy collaboration with my dear friend Katrina, who has recently begun Heartstring Handknits.  I love these even more than I loved the blue and white collection we made over the holidays:


I so wish we'd begun sooner and had enough to offer online, but for this year they are exclusive to this event.

I made the buttons for the cozies, and also made a plethora of other buttons- many from my faux bois platter scraps (the buttons actually came about because I had these leftover pieces of beautifully carved and colored slabs and couldn't bear to just wad them up.  Although the wadded up scraps made lovely marbleized clay to make more buttons or tiny thrown bowls with).  My favorites may be the hedgehog buttons.  There will be more hedgehog love headed your way in February.


and lastly, I have more of the yarn bowls, in a variety of styles and sizes.  here's a really big, sweater-sized bowl!


Finally, I have the teapots I made earlier this month.  They are on the small size (14-16 oz, which ironically is the same capacity of the pots I showed you earlier this week), but as teacups are generally small, appropriately sized.  I'll be working on making them bigger when I return from Oxford.  The pot in the back is the first one that I made, and the front pot is the second.  I attempted to make a modified spout on the front pot.  I'm less than thrilled with it- I think I prefer the open spout.  And so we come to the conclusion that my teapots will all look like a pitcher/teapot hybrid and thus be uniquely my own.  I'm ok with that.


That's it for this week.  I feel like I've packed ten days into three.  For the rest of the week, I'm loading up, setting up, and selling.  I'll be back next week with some event photos (alpaca!  sheep! goats! bunnies!!) and a sneak peek at my hedgie love cups.