I'm a little tea pot

I wanted to show you my little 2014 teapot collection:


They are little, round, chubby pots I've made off and on (but mostly off) for six or seven years.   Really, they're the perfect pot for one or two people- a bit larger than my favorite personal-sized commercially made pot. 

Some time ago I stopped making traditional spouts because, well, I couldn't stop anthropomorphizing them, so I started making a little pitcher-style spouty lip instead.  I still think that I need to be able to make a proper "regular" teapot, and I have two bigger pots, one with a more spouty-spout in the glaze kiln right now, but for my making and tea-drinking purposes, I'm happy with these. 

It is my hope to have a little inventory of these pots by mid March, and to have some dinnerware pieces in both blue and white and speckled (as well as casserole dishes and, dare I even say it, berry bowls in pints and quarts) so that I can put together a storefront here and keep my etsy store stocked.  And keep my stores locally stocked.  My hope.

This weekend I'm going to be in Oxford, Mississippi, for the 4th Annual Oxford Fiber Festival.  $1 general admission helps them pay for the space, and there are vendors from around the South, Saturday children's activities, plus some really interesting classes.  I'm looking forward to seeing friends there over the weekend.  I hope this will be something I can add to my yearly sales calendar!

I'll try to be back in this space before the end of the week- to show you the bigger yarn bowls I've made and those new teapots, too.  Have a great week and stay warm!