pitchers, 30-33


It's been a while since I've posted a batch of pitchers, but I am still faithfully making them.  Another large project has taken over almost all of my studio time, but I'm still working away to prepare for the holidays and seeing this project through the end of the year. 

From the left- #30.  Tall porcelain with an applied spout.  I used an icing tip to make the circles, which I like quite a lot and have used on some other vessels and cups since I made this pitcher at the end of July (!!!).

#31, stoneware with red underglaze decoration.  This pitcher is part of the pieces I'm making for a large custom order.  It has a mid-century style handle, and I love the limited red decoration.  This is an individual creamer size pitcher, from the first week of August. 

 #32 simple stoneware with cobalt inlay in ticking stripes.  This pitcher was a test for making larger vessels in the flared shape of my new cups, based on the shapes of coffee and tea service pieces in my collection of vintage silver hollowware.

#33, same shape, more detailed cobalt mishima work of bees and old fashioned, single roses I grow in my garden.   This is also a very small creamer pitcher in the same shape as my cups.


#34 is waiting to be glazed, and numbers 35-37 are waiting patiently in damp boxes to be finished.   Still need to make last week's pitcher, #38, and this is week 39!   

Have a good week, friends, and thanks for reading.