a love story in two acts of pottery

Last month, I received an email from a client I'd had a few years ago, asking if I could make her a duplicate item, but with a twist. In 2010, she'd met someone special.  Her daughter was away at college and she'd made the acquaintance of a man near the college.  They became increasingly fond of one another and she asked me to make a berry bowl inscribed with the phrase so wish. . . . you were closer. . . .

I was happy to make the bowl, happy to play a (miniscule) role in their budding relationship.  This is the new bowl



The gentleman presented my client with a lovely beautiful ring this summer, sold his home and all of its furnishings, taking little with him but his original berry bowl, and is headed to Memphis.  My client picked up this bowl this week- so happy - you are close-  to present to him when he arrives.

I just can't tell you how tickled I was to hear from her, to make a new bowl, and to hear of my work's very small role in their love story. 

Back soon with another batch of pitchers.