speckled egg dishes

for a while this summer, I wasn't sure that I was going to continue using this glaze, but every time I unload pieces that I've finished this way, I fall back in love:  


This is my first batch of the new cup style in this glaze.  I'm so pleased with them!  My friend Colleen, who is also my running partner (though I'm off my foot for another 2 weeks after a bad sprain the first week of August), came over to help me glaze one morning late this week, and this is part of what we did.  I was so grateful for her help and so tickled to pull these out of the kiln.   

I'm working on making place settings in this pattern and threw some test plates earlier this week.  So excited to offer them for the holidays! 

I'm also excited to announce that the  Brooks Museum store is now carrying my work.  They're primarily selling my modern blue and white line, but I also sent some speckled egg vases over.  They carry some of the nicest things and some big names in the arts in Memphis.  I am incredibly flattered to be represented by the Brooks.

Have a lovely weekend, friends.