last week-

while waiting for the url confusion to resolve with this new website, I worked on my mugs.  I'd been unhappy with my mug shape for a long time.  While I love my tumblers, my mugs felt clunky.  A new client asked specifically for mugs, so I decided to throw twenty on Monday and came up with this new shape.  It's a little mid-centruy, a little regency/art deco, and based a little on the flares and curves of my silver service that belonged to my grandmother.  I covered 2/3 of them with mishima and will glaze the other third in my speckled egg glaze.


I am really very excited about them and am making myself wait to glaze them until I've trimmed the work I made Thursday.  Usually I put off glazing as long as I can, but today, I can't wait to get to it.


Have a great Monday, friends.