pitchers and plans

do you find yourself ever losing entire weeks?  I meant to share these three pitchers before halloween, but between building a dalek costume (are you a "whovian?"), a clearing-out clutter yard sale (exhausting but gratifying), a riptide virus, and discovering I needed more clay (road trip to Nashville), I've lost track of keeping this updated. 

So: three more pitchers! 


From the left- #36, stoneware, nice fat body, thrown in two pieces- a round, globe-like bottom and then a trumpet-like top that I cut and apply to the bottom.  It really is one of my favorite classic pitcher shapes.  I decorated this, simply, with a honeycomb rubber stamp I carved and painted with cobalt oxide.  Coated with clear glaze.

In the center, #37, following the shape of my new mugs, based on the shapes of my silver water pitchers.  This is a smaller creamer, holding maybe 1.5 c.  I was happy to use my speckled egg glaze again (I actually did a large batch of speckled egg pieces in preparation for the holidays, but more on that to come). 

Right side, #38, more of a gravy-boat style, thrown, stretched out long, and then cut away for the spout.  I decorated this with mishima in my cascading circles pattern, with cobalt oxide inlay.   I really like it.   

#39-42 are ready to fire, but have been on hold while I finish up the order for  tart
I really am so excited about that body of work and can't wait to see it put to use. 

The holidays are shaping up to be quite busy.  I am planning to host a small home sale the weekend of Nov 22-23, then I am participating in events in Memphis on Dec 1 (Tsunami's Holiday Artist Market) 6 (Overton Square's Sugarplum Shindig), and 8 (Memphis Brooks Museum's Holiday Artist Market). I will do my best to have a selection of goods online, but at this point, I make no promises that I fear I won't be able to keep.  Stay tuned!