pitchers, 39-42

Good morning!  I am on a post-run high, my house is picked up, I see the light at the end of several tunnels, and my family is well after 3 weeks of trading viruses between the three of us.  Mercy.  I'm ready to see 2013 out the door and welcome 2014 with a clean slate.  It's been a brutal but instructive year, and I'm grateful for so much (and eager for so much to change).



one thing I'm grateful for is my refined focus on surface decoration- I'm so happy to limit my color palate to the natural creamy stoneware and cobalt.   These 4 pitchers make me quite happy.  From the back:

#39- a medium sized pitcher, large creamer, small milk jug.  Simple stoneware, applied spout, simple cross-hatch mishima with cobalt inlay for decoration.    It's sibling to the right, #40, is essentially the same but slightly larger with a more flared spout.  I love adding a tall, curving spout to these vessels.  The design is a little square cutting tool I bought for teapots (more on that later) but never really used. I like it a lot and plan to use it more frequently. #41, front left, started out as one of my mugs.  I left the top rim thicker and pulled it to make the spout.  The bottom is plastic honeycomb frame that I got from my bee mentor a few years back.  I painted the whole bottom with watered down cobalt inlay- the blue and the honeycomb make me happy!  Lastly, #42, front right, is tiny and a prototype for a coffee shop creamer.  I added the spout - just a tiny little shaped slab of clay that I applied and then cut out around the bottom. I really like the top solid piece I left, like the ice guards on some of my larger silver pitchers.  The design is a simple ticking that I made with my pattern tracing wheel.

I think I'm going to add a teapot of  two to this pitcher project, because I generally make my teapots with pitcher spouts rather than with teapot spouts because they just make me happy.  I used to make little round "happy pots"- 2 or 3 serving teapots with a pitcher spout, and I think that they need to make a comeback.

I'll be back here later this week to talk about holiday goods and plans.

Have a great week, friends