changing plans


I have just taken a long hard look at my calendar, my finished ware shelves, and my energy level and had a change of plans.  Last week I was in bed all week with bronchitis.  The week before, my boy had it.  This week, poor dear husband.  So we'll shift things a bit.  First, I am canceling my annual holiday home sale that I'd planned to have 11/22 and 23.  Not enough work, not enough time.  Instead, I have 3 shows in Memphis that I'm participating in and will have a mini open house/by appointment hours before Christmas (as in, RIGHT before Christmas) for last-minute shoppers. 

So here's my calendar:
Dec 1- Tsunami's Annual Holiday Artisan Sale, in Cooper Young.  GREAT show. 

Dec 6- Overton Square's First Annual Sugarplum Shindig

Dec 8- Memphis Brooks Museum Holiday Art Market

After that, I'll have by-appointment hours and maybe a Friday evening drop in event.  If you have specific requests, please feel free to email me ( for an estimate of prices and timing.


Later this week: MORE PITCHERS!!  My kiln is full of them!  Have a good week, friends.