busy days


fall has been very busy for my little household.  I've been working steadily on my restaurant order and hope to begin glazing this week.  I'm also building inventory for holiday sales and scouting out opportunities for 2014.  It feels funny to say that, and to realize that I've been actively supporting my family with this work since 2002, taking it online in 2008.  I'm excited to see what the future holds for my work and my family!


Early this summer I made this set of chicken tiles for my coop, then applied them to a beam over our chicken run.  Well, the first large rain we had ended with them all on the ground.  Fortunately, I didn't have any major damage and I learned a few lessons in applying outdoor mosaics (which is: use concrete backer board!).  I finally got this piece reinstalled, just in time for the Grow Memphis first annual Tour de Coop!  I'm excited to have my little coop and hive included in this tour, and really happy to support Grow Memphis's efforts. 

I'll be back here soon to share my holiday schedule and my most recent slate of pitchers.  I'm excited that I'm right on track - all caught up with a pitcher per week, and thinking about what 52 I'll tackle for 2014.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!